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The Movement of Jewish Shadows
Marek Beylin

When Yael Bartana called into exis­tence the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland, she auto­mat­i­cally lost absolute con­trol over it. Everyone who feels called out to the black­board by her work can, and actu­ally should, put in their two pen­ny­worth about how they imag­ine the movement’s role, so let me make a few remarks myself.
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New Europe’s night­mare
Nina Montmann

In Yael Bartana’s Polish video tril­ogy, aside from the polit­i­cally sym­bolic aspects it con­tains, the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP) that she had ini­ti­ated, announces its man­i­festo on a new exper­i­men­tal soci­etal form.
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A Polish Language Lesson for the Settlers’ Children
Sebastian Cichocki

Let us teach our­selves and our chil­dren on the mis­takes of neigh­bours. Let us not pre­serve bad habits and, at the same time, let us not be afraid to use that which func­tions on the fringes, in the dark and neglected recesses of lan­guage. I would like to note the didac­tic role of children’s rhymes and counting-out games.
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A Polish State in the Land of Israel
Yuval Kremintzar

There are two ways of get­ting home; and one of them is to stay there. The other is to walk around the world till we come back to the same place”.
G. K Chesterton
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